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Mango Crush - Natural Perfume

Mango Crush - Natural Perfume

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Our Natural Perfumes are made up of natural ingredients that when combined will leave you smelling fresh and like a tropical dream all day long. 

Our perfumes are available in 10mL roller bottles which are handmade in small batches.

Mango Crush - Tropical and sweet, its summer in a bottle. Citrus, mango, pineapple and pink apple, a match made in heaven.


Neroli Hydrosol - Neroli Hydrosol results from the distillation of Neroli Essential Oil. This is a 100% pure and natural, non-alcoholic distillate preserved with Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate.

Kawakawa oil - is one of our favourite ingredients, it strengthens your skin while hydrating and nourishing it. Kawakawa is also perfect for dry and itchy skin as it calms and restores balance when applied. 

Natural fragrance oil - The natural fragrance we use are International Fragrance Association (IFRA), compliant and certified. They are made with a MINIMUM of 80% natural plant based ingredients and essential oils. Propylene glycol (a synthetic plant based fixative) is what holds and ‘fixes’ our fragrances, ensuring a long lasting scent in cosmetics, soaps and candles. PHTHALATE FREE

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