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Citrus Mist - Natural Deodorant

Citrus Mist - Natural Deodorant

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Our natural deodorants are made up of natural ingredients that when combined will keep you feeling refreshed and confident all day long.  


Our deodorants are:
- Anti-perspirant

- Made up of clean ingredients 
- Aluminium free
- NZ hand made


Citrus Mist: Fresh lemon and lime with a hint of mango, this scent is perfect for both day and night. 


Beeswax - creates a natural barrier on your skin, without blocking your pores which protects your skin from environmental irritants. 

Shea Butter - is incredible because it boosts your skin moisture and acts as an anti-inflammatory, so will be perfect for shaving rash. 

Coconut oil - smooths and hydrates your skin, Coconut oil absorbs easily meaning instant hydration and protection. 

Baking soda - is amazing at absorbing sweat, which helps your underarms stay dry all day long. Baking soda also eliminates odor causing bacteria, keeping your armpits smelling fresh. 

Kawakawa oil - is one of our favourite ingredients, it strengthens your skin while hydrating and nourishing it. Kawakawa is also perfect for dry and itchy skin as it calms and restores balance when applied. 

Natural fragrance oil - The natural fragrance we use are International Fragrance Association (IFRA), compliant and certified. They are made with a MINIMUM of 80% natural plant based ingredients and essential oils. Propylene glycol (a synthetic plant based fixative) is what holds and ‘fixes’ our fragrances, ensuring a long lasting scent in cosmetics, soaps and candles. PHTHALATE FREE

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